The best hourly wages

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$16.15/h average salary

Recreation Technician, Sports/Recreation and Physical Training Program Leader, Recreation Instructor

$16.00/h average salary

Horticultural Production Worker

$16.00/h average salary

Imagery Technician, Camera Operator

$15.70/h average salary

Retail Butcher, Grocery Store Butcher, Meat Cutter

$15.50/h average salary

Bench Jeweller, Jewellery Repairer

$15.50/h average salary

Watch Repairer, Put-in-beat Adjuster

$15.45/h average salary

Restaurant Manager, Chef, Food Services Manager

$15.45/h average salary

Hairdresser, Hair Dyer, Barber, Assistant Hairdresser

$15.40/h average salary

Cattle Farmer, Hog Farming Worker, Livestock Farmer, Milk Production Worker, General Farm Worker

$15.30/h average salary

Beef Producer, Hog Producer, Chicken Farmer, Herd Superintendent