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$23.65/h average salary

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Graphic Art Technician

$23.65/h average salary

Visual Arts Artist, Artistic Illustrator, Caricaturist

$23.60/h average salary

Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing Foreman, Woodworking Machine Operator Supervisor, Architectural Woodwork Technician

$23.60/h average salary

Design Draftsperson, Furniture Manufacturing Technician

$23.45/h average salary

Social Assistance Technician, Community Organization Worker, Socio-economic Assistance Officer, Social Worker

$23.40/h average salary

Motorcycle Repairer, Recreational Vehicle Mechanic

$23.30/h average salary

Purchasing Manager, Buyer - Retail, Buyer - Wholesale, Chief Buyer

$23.25/h average salary

Machining Tool Operator, Tool and Die Maker

$23.05/h average salary

Car Painter, Body Repairer, Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (paint)

$23.00/h average salary

Dental Technologist, Dental Laboratory Assistant, Dental Prosthesis Maker, Denture Moulder