The best hourly wages

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$15.25/h average salary

Wine Advisor, Wine Waiter, Cellarman/Cellarwoman

$15.15/h average salary

Executive Sous-chef, Kitchen Helper

$14.50/h average salary

Guide, Interpretive Guide, Tour Escort, Tourist Site Leader

$14.30/h average salary

Artisan Jeweler, Artisan Ceramist, Artisan in Textile Art, Tradesman/Tradeswoman Cabinetmaker, Artisan in Textile Printing, Stringed Instrument Maker, Artisan Leathercraft Worker, Sculptor, Artisan Glassmaker

$14.20/h average salary

Artisan Baker

$14.20/h average salary

Chocolate Maker, Candy Maker

$13.70/h average salary

Cosmetician, Makeup Artist, Manicurist

$13.50/h average salary

Sewing Machine Operator

N/A average salary

Practitioner of Natural Healing

N/A average salary

Crops Manager, Horticulture Technician, Horticulturist