The best hourly wages

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$19.20/h average salary

Press Operator, Screen Printing Machine Operator

$19.00/h average salary

Tradesman Cabinetmaker, Furniture Cabinetmaker

$18.85/h average salary

Veterinary Attendant, Veterinarian Assistant, Pet Shop Technician, Veterinary Laboratory Technologist

$18.80/h average salary

Institutional and Home Care Attendant, Patient Service Aide, Long Term Care Aide, Nurse Aide

$18.70/h average salary

Wood Processing Grader

$18.60/h average salary

Moulding Machine Operator, Plastic Moulder, Rubber Processing Machine Operator, Fitter-Assembler

$18.40/h average salary

Aerospace Cable and Circuit Assembler, Assembler and Wirer, Electrical Assembler

$18.00/h average salary

Snowmobile Mechanic, Small Engine Repairer, All-terrain Vehicle Repairer, Outboard Mechanic

$17.80/h average salary

Nutrition Technician

$17.80/h average salary

Prosthetist-Orthotist, Orthotics Technician, Prosthetics Technician