The best hourly wages

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$20.40/h average salary

Trucker, Transport Driver, Delivery Person, Dump Truck Driver (10 wheeler), Heavy Equipment Operator

$20.30/h average salary

Mechanical Parts and Accessories Storekeeper, Mechanical Parts Counter Salesperson, Mechanical Parts and Equipment Sales Clerk, Automotive Parts Sales Clerk

$20.20/h average salary

Daycare Teacher, Educator Assistant, Early Childhood Education Consultant, Infants' Daycare Worker

$20.00/h average salary

Electric Household Appliance Repairer, After-sales Service Technician, Electric Household Appliance Technician

$20.00/h average salary

Songwriter, Instrumental Musician, Pop Singer, Accompanist, Musical Theatre Performer

$19.95/h average salary

Travel Counsellor, Travel Sales Consultant, Tour Operator

$19.75/h average salary

Fishing Vessel Captain, Fishing Skipper

$19.60/h average salary

Medical Administrative Assistant, Hospital Ward Secretary, Medical Stenographer

$19.35/h average salary

Service Advisor, Motorized Equipment Service Advisor

$19.35/h average salary

Sawyer, Sawing Machine Operator, Edger Tender, Trimmerman/Trimmerwoman