The best hourly wages

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$29.39/h average salary

Statistical Officer, Statistical Technician, Social Science Research Assistant

$29.23/h average salary

Heavy Equipment Operator, Shovel Operator

$28.99/h average salary

Visual Arts Artist, Artistic Illustrator, Caricaturist

$28.85/h average salary

Computer Graphics Designer, Prepress Technician

$28.57/h average salary

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Graphic Art Technician

$28.55/h average salary

Ambulance Paramedic, Ambulance Attendant, Paramedic

$28.50/h average salary

Game Warden, Outdoor Sport and Recreational Guide

$28.45/h average salary

Biomedical Technologist, Medical Technologist, Blood Bank Technician

$28.45/h average salary

Plumbing Installer, Plumbing and Heating Mechanic, Pipefitter, Heater Installer

$28.35/h average salary

Floor Covering Layer, Rug Installer, Linoleum Installer