The best hourly wages

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$34.10/h average salary

Captain, Ship Pilot, Deck Officer, Ship Line Agent

$33.95/h average salary

Insulation Installer, Pipe Insulator

$33.90/h average salary

Tourism Promotion Officer, Tourism Consultant

$33.80/h average salary

Environmental, Health and Safety Technician, Industrial Hygiene Technician, Prevention Advisor, Environmental Officer, Occupational Health Officer

$33.70/h average salary

Firefighter, Safety Practitioner

$33.70/h average salary

$33.40/h average salary

Refrigeration Mechanic, Refrigeration System Installer, Air Conditioning Systems Repairer

$33.30/h average salary

Electrical Power Line Installer, Power Line Repairer, Meter Installer

$33.15/h average salary

Hotel Manager, Hotel Front Desk Manager, Hotel Operator, Lodging House Manager

$33.15/h average salary

Floor Housekeeper, Accommodations Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, Housekeeping Director