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$25.85/h average salary

Lumber Grading Foreman/Forewoman, Shift Operating Supervisor, Quality Control Inspector - Wood Products

$25.65/h average salary

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

$25.65/h average salary

Farm Machinery Mechanic, Farm Mechanic, Farm Equipment Repairer, Farm Tractor Mechanic

$25.00/h average salary

Building Design Draftsperson, Structural Draftsperson, Mechanical Draftsperson, Electrical Draftsperson, Technical Illustrator

$25.00/h average salary

Electroneurophysiology Technologist, Electrocardiography Technician, Electroencephalography Technician

$25.00/h average salary

Property and Casualty Insurance Agent, Personal Insurance Broker, Underwriter

$25.00/h average salary

Security Alarms Technician, Anti-theft Alarm System Repairer

$24.95/h average salary

Shipbuilding Draftsperson, Marine Engineering Technician, Estimator - Shipbuilding

$24.70/h average salary

Building Painter, Paperhanger, Painter-Decorator, Maintenance Painter

$24.65/h average salary

Pattern Designer, Textile and Leather Goods Maker, Pattern Marker