The best hourly wages

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$24.60/h average salary

Journalist-Host, Radio Commentator, Radio Presenter

$24.55/h average salary

Drinking Water Plant Operator, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pump Station Operator

$24.45/h average salary

Architectural Design Technician, Architectural Design Technologist

$24.45/h average salary

Estimator, Printing Project Supervisor, Graphic Communications Salesperson

$24.15/h average salary

Property and Casualty Insurance Agent, Personal Insurance Broker, Underwriter

$24.10/h average salary

Insurance Adjuster, General Insurance Underwriter, Banking Accounts Officer, Loans Counsellor, Credit Investigation Officer

$24.10/h average salary

Forest Engineering Technician, Logging Supervisor, Forestry Technologist

$24.00/h average salary

Mouldmaking Machinist, Mouldmaking Diemaker

$23.75/h average salary

Salesperson, Commercial Agent, Corporate Advisor

$23.70/h average salary

Special Events Organizer, Conference Coordinator, Tourism Marketing and Promotion Officer, Tourism Development Officer, Convention or Special Events Coordinator