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$30.75/h average salary

Method Technician, Quality and Methods Manager, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technician, Production and Processing Support, Manufacturing Production Technician

$30.75/h average salary

Fire Protection Mechanic

$30.70/h average salary

Concrete Finisher, Cement Worker, Concrete Patcher, Concrete Polisher

$30.55/h average salary

Erector Mechanic (glazier), Assembler (glazier), Window Installer

$30.40/h average salary

Public Works Technician, Structure Technician, Construction Estimator, Construction Site Supervisor, Structural Investigator

$30.35/h average salary

Special Education Teacher, Maladjusted Childhood Counselor, Youth Worker, Rehabilitation Instructor, Street Educator

$30.25/h average salary

Steel Erector, Locksmith, Structural Steel Erector

$30.25/h average salary

Reinforcing Steel Erector, Reinforcing Rodworker

$30.20/h average salary

Audio and Video Recording Technician, Production and Postproduction Technician

$30.20/h average salary

Videotape Editor, Production Assistant, Special Effects Editor, Production Coordinator, Stage Manager, VTR Operator, Broadcasting Switcher