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$17.70/h average salary

Live-in Caregiver, Visiting Homemaker, Home Care Attendant, Family Worker, Home Health Care Worker

$17.55/h average salary

Maintenance Superintendent, Housekeeper, Building Maintenance Worker

$17.15/h average salary

Custom Upholsterer, Furniture Upholsterer

$17.00/h average salary

Cable and Circuit Assembler, Electrical Appliance Production Assembler, Electrical Equipment Assembler

$17.00/h average salary

Composite Material Laminator, Plastic and Composite Worker, Plastics Assembler, Sprayer Operator (composite), Cutter (composite), Finisher (composite)

$16.55/h average salary

Flower Shop Manager, Sales Representative for Floral Products

$16.55/h average salary

Sales Assistant, Salesperson, Sales Clerk, Client Service Representative

$16.50/h average salary

Fish Farm Helper, Sea Farming Helper, Sea Farm Attendant, Fry Tagger, Aquaculture Worker

$16.50/h average salary

Furniture Stripper, Furniture Polisher, Furniture Varnisher, Furniture Finisher and Repairer

$16.35/h average salary

Hotel Front Desk Clerk, Reservationist, Guest Services Agent, Reservation Clerk