The best hourly wages

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$43.65/h average salary

Dispatcher, Flight Dispatcher

$40.90/h average salary

Airplane Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, Seaplane Pilot, Bush Pilot, Co-pilot, Navigator

$39.00/h average salary

Construction Boilermaker, Erection and Repair Boilermaker, Boiler Installer

$39.00/h average salary

General Contractor, Trade Contractor, General Owner-Builder, Specialized Owner-Builder, Project Manager

$38.00/h average salary

Database Administrator, Server Administrator, Programmer Analyst

$38.00/h average salary

Database Administrator, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Network Management Technician

$37.50/h average salary

Steel Erector, Locksmith, Structural Steel Erector

$36.00/h average salary

Police Constable, Crime Prevention Constable, Peace Officer

$35.10/h average salary

Elevator Installer, Elevator Mechanic-Adjuster

$35.00/h average salary

Avionics Technician, Avionics Systems Technician, Avionics Specialist