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3D animator

Animation Director, 3D Animation Artist, 3D Animation Designer

Accommodation Service Manager

Hotel Manager, Hotel Front Desk Manager, Hotel Operator, Lodging House Manager

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Assistant, Payroll Clerk, Billing Clerk, Budget Clerk, Expenditure Clerk, Audit Clerk

Accounting Technician

Accounting Technician (accounts payable), Accounting Technician (accounts receivable)


Practitioner of Natural Healing

Administrative Assistant

Executive Assistant, Administration Technician

Administrative Data Processing Technician

Database Administrator, Server Administrator, Programmer Analyst

Air Traffic Controller

Dispatcher, Flight Dispatcher

Aircraft Assembler

Aircraft Structure Assembler, Aircraft Rigger, Fitter-Assembler, Mechanical Assembler, Assembler-Installer, Aircraft Mechanical Assembler

Aircraft Avionics Technician and Inspector

Avionics Technician, Avionics Systems Technician, Avionics Specialist

Aircraft Mechanic and Inspector

Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Helicopter Maintenance Mechanic, Gas Turbine Engine Technician

Aircraft Pilot

Airplane Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, Seaplane Pilot, Bush Pilot, Co-pilot, Navigator

Ambulance Technician

Ambulance Paramedic, Ambulance Attendant, Paramedic

Analytical Chemistry Technician

Laboratory Technician, Chemical Technician, Quality Control Technician, Chemical Analyst

Animal Health Technician

Veterinary Attendant, Veterinarian Assistant, Pet Shop Technician, Veterinary Laboratory Technologist

Aquaculture Labourer

Fish Farm Helper, Sea Farming Helper, Sea Farm Attendant, Fry Tagger, Aquaculture Worker

Aquaculture Technician

Fish Farmer, Mariculturist, Aquaculture Operator, Aquaculture Manager

Architectural Draftsperson

Building Design Draftsperson, Structural Draftsperson, Mechanical Draftsperson, Electrical Draftsperson, Technical Illustrator

Architectural Technician

Architectural Design Technician, Architectural Design Technologist


Artisan Jeweler, Artisan Ceramist, Artisan in Textile Art, Tradesman/Tradeswoman Cabinetmaker, Artisan in Textile Printing, Stringed Instrument Maker, Artisan Leathercraft Worker, Sculptor, Artisan Glassmaker

Automobile Mechanic

Garage Mechanic, Transmission Mechanic, Automotive Brake Specialist, Commercial Trailer Technician

Automotive Service Advisor

Service Advisor, Motorized Equipment Service Advisor


Artisan Baker


Construction Boilermaker, Erection and Repair Boilermaker, Boiler Installer


Brick Setter, Concrete Block Setter, Bricklayer, Mason

Building Appraiser and Assessor

Building Construction Estimator, Construction Estimator


Retail Butcher, Grocery Store Butcher, Meat Cutter


Tradesman Cabinetmaker, Furniture Cabinetmaker

Cabinetmaker Technician

Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing Foreman, Woodworking Machine Operator Supervisor, Architectural Woodwork Technician


Joiner, Stage Carpenter, Carpenter, Flooring-Layer-Sander, Concrete Forms Carpenter

Cement Finisher

Concrete Finisher, Cement Worker, Concrete Patcher, Concrete Polisher

Chemical Process Operator

Process Technician, Chief Operator, Operations Technician, Control Room Operator, Lead Operator

Civil Engineering Technician

Public Works Technician, Structure Technician, Construction Estimator, Construction Site Supervisor, Structural Investigator

CNC Machinist

Machining Tool Operator, Tool and Die Maker

Commercial Press Operator

Press Operator, Screen Printing Machine Operator

Computer Technician (network management)

Database Administrator, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Network Management Technician

Computer Technician (programmer analyst)

Website, Software and Business Applications Developer, Java Programmer, Mobile App Developer, Interactive Media Developer

Conference and Event Planner

Special Events Organizer, Conference Coordinator, Tourism Marketing and Promotion Officer, Tourism Development Officer, Convention or Special Events Coordinator

Conservation Officer

Game Warden, Outdoor Sport and Recreational Guide

Construction Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator, Shovel Operator

Construction Painter

Building Painter, Paperhanger, Painter-Decorator, Maintenance Painter

Construction Project Manager

General Contractor, Trade Contractor, General Owner-Builder, Specialized Owner-Builder, Project Manager


Executive Sous-chef, Kitchen Helper

Crane Operator

Tower Crane Operator, Operator of Concrete Pumps Equipped with a Distribution Mast

Dental Assistant

Dental Clinic Assistant, Oral Surgery Assistant, Prosthodontics Dental Assistant, Orthodontics Dental Assistant

Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygiene Technician, Orthodontic Hygienist

Dental Technician

Dental Technologist, Dental Laboratory Assistant, Dental Prosthesis Maker, Denture Moulder


Dental Technologist, Denturologist

Design Draftsperson

Technical Illustrator, Mechanical Design Draftsperson, Electrical Draftsperson, Hydraulic Machinery Draftsperson

Dietary Technician

Nutrition Technician


Sewing Machine Operator


Diamond Drill Operator, Core Drill Operator


Blaster-Driller (construction sites), Driller-Blaster (quarrying), Driller, Blaster, Well Digger

Electric Household Appliance Servicer

Electric Household Appliance Repairer, After-sales Service Technician, Electric Household Appliance Technician

Electrical Appliance and Accessory Assembler

Aerospace Cable and Circuit Assembler, Assembler and Wirer, Electrical Assembler

Electrical Mechanic

Electric Motor Mechanic, Apparatus Electrician, Automated Systems Mechanic


Construction Electrician, Apprentice Electrician, Master Electrician

Electronics Technician

Audio and Video Recording Technician, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician, Telecommunications and Broadcasting Equipment Technician, Audiovisual Technician

Electronics Technician (Telecommunications)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician, Telecommunications Equipment Technician, Telecommunications Equipment Repairer

Elevator Mechanic

Elevator Installer, Elevator Mechanic-Adjuster


Cosmetician, Makeup Artist, Manicurist

Farm Equipment Mechanic

Farm Machinery Mechanic, Farm Mechanic, Farm Equipment Repairer, Farm Tractor Mechanic

Farm Worker (livestock)

Cattle Farmer, Hog Farming Worker, Livestock Farmer, Milk Production Worker, General Farm Worker

Fashion Designer

Collection Designer, Fashion Stylist

Financial Services Representative

Insurance Adjuster, General Insurance Underwriter, Banking Accounts Officer, Loans Counsellor, Credit Investigation Officer

Fire Protection Technician

Firefighter, Safety Practitioner

Floor Covering Installer

Floor Covering Layer, Rug Installer, Linoleum Installer


Flower Shop Manager, Sales Representative for Floral Products

Food Service Supervisor

Restaurant Manager, Chef, Food Services Manager

Forestry Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator - forestry road systems

Forestry Technician

Forest Engineering Technician, Logging Supervisor, Forestry Technologist

Foundry Worker

Moulder, Coremaker, Melter, Furnace Operator

Furniture Finisher and Refinisher

Furniture Stripper, Furniture Polisher, Furniture Varnisher, Furniture Finisher and Repairer

Garment Patternmaker

Pattern Designer, Textile and Leather Goods Maker, Pattern Marker

Gas Fitter

Gas Servicer, Gas Appliance Repairer

Geological Technologist

Exploration Technician, Mining Engineering Technician, Geophysical Technician, Mineral Resources Technician, Geotechnical Technician

Geomatics Technician

Mapping Technician, Geodetic Technician, Georeferencing Specialist, Geographic Information Systems Technician


Erector Mechanic (glazier), Assembler (glazier), Window Installer

Graphic Artist

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Graphic Art Technician


Hairdresser, Hair Dyer, Barber, Assistant Hairdresser

Hearing Aid Technician

Audioprosthetist, Audiology Technician, Hearing Aid Specialist

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic, Truck Mechanic, Bus Mechanic, Diesel Engine Mechanic

High Pressure Welder

Specialist Welder, Pipeline Welder, Machine Operator - Welding and Brazing

Home Support Worker

Live-in Caregiver, Visiting Homemaker, Home Care Attendant, Family Worker, Home Health Care Worker

Hotel Executive Housekeeper

Floor Housekeeper, Accommodations Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, Housekeeping Director

Hotel Receptionist

Hotel Front Desk Clerk, Reservationist, Guest Services Agent, Reservation Clerk

HVAC Systems Specialist

Building Maintenance Technician, Mechanical Estimator, Heating Technician


Visual Arts Artist, Artistic Illustrator, Caricaturist

Industrial Designer

Industrial Design Technician, Design Draftsperson, Product Designer

Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electronics Technician, Instrumentation Technician

Industrial Engineering Technologist

Method Technician, Quality and Methods Manager, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technician, Production and Processing Support, Manufacturing Production Technician

Industrial Maintenance Technician

Preventive Maintenance Mechanic Technician, Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Technician, Maintenance Technician

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

Industrial Machinery Maintenance Mechanic, Machinery Mechanic, Maintenance Mechanic


Insulation Installer, Pipe Insulator

Interior Systems Installer

Wall Installer, Gypsum Applicator, Suspended Ceiling Installer


Steel Erector, Locksmith, Structural Steel Erector

IT Support Specialist

User Support Technician, Hardware Installation Technician, Call Centre Agent - Technical Support


Maintenance Superintendent, Housekeeper, Building Maintenance Worker


Bench Jeweller, Jewellery Repairer

Land Survey Technician

Topographic Land Surveyor

Legal Secretary

Legal Administrative Assistant, Legal Assistant, Legal Stenographer

Library and Public Archive Technician

Library Technician, Administrative Documents Management Technician, Documentation Clerk, Documentalist, Archives Clerk

Licensed Practical Nurse

Nurse Aide, Nursing Services Aide


Electrical Power Line Installer, Power Line Repairer, Meter Installer


Lock Setter, Lock Repairer

Logging and Forestry Labourer

Forester, Brush Cutter Operator, Forestry Swamper, Silviculture Worker

Logging Machinery Operator

Forest Harvesting Machinery Operator

Machining Tool Operator

Machinist, Machine Tool Operator, Die Maker, Machine Technician

Maître d’hôtel

Food and Beverage Services Supervisor, Food Services Supervisor, Dining Room Manager, Restaurant Manager

Maple Syrup Producer

Maple Syrup Maker, Maple Syrup Production Labourer

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Mechanical Production Technician, Machinist, Tool and Die Designer, Design Technician

Medical Imaging Technologist (radiodiagnosis)

Diagnostic Radiological Technologist, Radiographic Technician, Echography Technician, X-ray Machine Operator

Medical Laboratory Technician

Biomedical Technologist, Medical Technologist, Blood Bank Technician

Medical Records Technician

Medical Archivist, Health Information Management Technician

Medical Secretary

Medical Administrative Assistant, Hospital Ward Secretary, Medical Stenographer

Mineralogy Technologist

Mineral Processing Technician, Mineral and Metal Processing Supervisor, Metallurgical Technician

Mining Technician

Mining Technician (Mine Production), Mine Planning Technician, Mine Foreman, Underground Mining Operations Foreman, Test Pit Supervisor

Motor Vehicle Body Repairer

Car Painter, Body Repairer, Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (paint)

Multimedia Integrator

Website Developer, Webmaster, Web Administrator


Music Arranger, Songwriter, Instrumental Musician, Pop Singer, Accompanist, Musical Theatre Performer


Nurse Technician

Nursery and Greenhouse Worker

Horticultural Production Worker

Office Automation Technician

Administrative Assistant, Clerical Work Coordinator, Micropublishing and Hypermedia Technician, Executive Secretary

Orthopedic Appliance Technologist

Prosthetist-Orthotist, Orthotics Technician, Prosthetics Technician

Outdoor Power and Recreational Equipment Mechanic

Snowmobile Mechanic, Small Engine Repairer, All-terrain Vehicle Repairer, Outboard Mechanic

Partsperson - Mechanical Parts and Accessories

Mechanical Parts and Accessories Storekeeper, Mechanical Parts Counter Salesperson, Mechanical Parts and Equipment Sales Clerk, Automotive Parts Sales Clerk

Pastry Cook

Chocolate Maker, Candy Maker

Patient Service Associate

Institutional and Home Care Attendant, Patient Service Aide, Long Term Care Aide, Nurse Aide

Pharmacy Technical Assistant

Medical Clinic Assistant, Drugstore Dispensing Assistant

Physical Therapy Technician

Physical Rehabilitation Therapist


Seam Caulker, Finish Plasterer, Exterior Plasterer, Stucco Plasterer

Plastic Products Assembler

Composite Material Laminator, Plastic and Composite Worker, Plastics Assembler, Sprayer Operator (composite), Cutter (composite), Finisher (composite)


Plumbing Installer, Plumbing and Heating Mechanic, Pipefitter, Heater Installer

Police Officer

Police Constable, Crime Prevention Constable, Peace Officer

Precision Sheet Metal Worker

Metalworking Machine Operator, Forging Machine Operator, Punch Press Operator, Press Brake Operator

Production and Development Miner

Blaster, Mucking Machine Operator, Underground Mine Driller

Pulp Mill Machine Operator

Papermaker, Cook - pulp and paper, Washerman/Washerwoman, Washer Operator, Pulp Dryer Operator

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

Refrigeration Mechanic, Refrigeration System Installer, Air Conditioning Systems Repairer

Reinforcing Ironworker

Reinforcing Steel Erector, Reinforcing Rodworker

Respiratory Therapist

Cardiovascular Perfusionist, Cardiopulmonary Technologist

Retail and Wholesale Buyer

Purchasing Manager, Buyer - Retail, Buyer - Wholesale, Chief Buyer

Retail Sales Manager

Business Management Specialist, Sales Team Supervisor, Sales Coordinator


Shingler, Asphalt and Gravel Roofer

Sales Representative

Salesperson, Commercial Agent, Corporate Advisor

Saw Filer

Saw Fitter, Saw and Knife Sharpener, Cutting Tools Filer


Secretarial Officer, Corporate Secretary, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant

Security Systems Installer

Security Alarms Technician, Anti-theft Alarm System Repairer


Restaurant Waiter, Food Counter Attendant, Bartender

Silviculture and Forestry Worker

Grader, Tree Marker, Silviculture Worker, Logging and Forestry Labourer, Forest Survey Technician

Skidder Operator

Forestry Forwarder Operator, Grapple Skidder Operator, Cable Skidder Operator

Social Service Worker

Social Assistance Technician, Community Organization Worker, Socio-economic Assistance Officer, Social Worker


Wine Advisor, Wine Waiter, Cellarman/Cellarwoman

Special Education Technician

Special Education Teacher, Maladjusted Childhood Counselor, Youth Worker, Rehabilitation Instructor, Street Educator

Sports and Recreation Leader

Recreation Technician, Sports/Recreation and Physical Training Program Leader, Recreation Instructor

Sprinkler System Installer

Fire Protection Mechanic


Embalmer, Funeral Director, Assistant Funeral Director, Thanatopractor, Mortician

Tile Setter

Tiler, Tile Floor Layer, Terrazzo Polisher, Terrazzo Finisher, Ceramic Tile Installer

Tour Guide

Guide, Interpretive Guide, Tour Escort, Tourist Site Leader

Tourism Development Officer

Tourism Promotion Officer, Tourism Consultant

Transport Logistics Technician

Dispatcher, Customs Clearance Agent, Transportation Coordinator, Railway Traffic Controller

Travel Agent

Travel Counsellor, Travel Sales Consultant, Tour Operator

Tree Pruner

Pruner, Climber Pruner, Climbing Arborist, Professional Tree Climber

Truck Driver

Trucker, Transport Driver, Delivery Person, Dump Truck Driver (10 wheeler), Heavy Equipment Operator


Custom Upholsterer, Furniture Upholsterer

Urban Planning Technician

Inspector - Municipal Law Enforcement, By-law Enforcement Officer, Building Inspector

Water and Waste Treatment Plant Operator

Drinking Water Plant Operator, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pump Station Operator

Water Sanitation Technician

Environmental and Water Quality Technician, Drinking Water Plant Operator, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator


Fit-up Welder, Welder-Assembler, Welder Operator, Assembler