Professional Fisherman/Fisherwoman Alternative titles: Fishing Vessel Captain, Fishing Skipper

$19.75/h Average Salary
Job Prospects N/A

What are the main duties?

  • Steer a fishing boat and manage team of fish harvesters.
  • Choose fishing grounds.
  • Make and handle fishing gear: nets, traps, lines, etc.
  • Fish and capture crustaceans.
  • Ensure fish and crustaceans are preserved on the boat.
  • Upkeep boats: engines, propulsion systems, pumps, rudders, etc.
  • Manage fishing firm.

Is it right for you?

  • You like marine environments.
  • You have good manual dexterity and good physical endurance.
  • You are cautious.
  • You are responsible and meticulous.

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Pêche professionnelle Program available in French only

Where is this program being offered?
regions quebec Gaspésie - Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Job Placement Rate
40% Job Placement Rate
Duration of training 1605h
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