Driller/Blaster Alternative titles: Blaster-Driller (construction sites), Driller-Blaster (quarrying), Driller, Blaster, Well Digger

$33.00/h Average Salary
Job Prospects

What are the main duties?

  • Operate machinery and drilling equipment (such as air track, hydraulic, down-the-hole).
  • Load explosives.
  • Carve out walls with explosives.
  • Carry out trench blasting, quarry blasting, etc.
  • Always ensure safety when working.

Is it right for you?

  • You enjoy working outside.
  • You have good reflexes.
  • You have good physical stamina.
  • You are observant and enjoy teamwork.


Forage et dynamitage Program available in French only

Where is this program being offered?
regions quebec EstrieAbitibi - TémiscamingueCôte-Nord and Nord-du-Québec
Job Placement Rate
95% Job Placement Rate
Duration of training 900h
5 to 7 months
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