Outdoor Power and Recreational Equipment Mechanic Alternative titles: Snowmobile Mechanic, Small Engine Repairer, All-terrain Vehicle Repairer, Outboard Mechanic

$18.00/h Average Salary
Job Prospects

What are the main duties?

  • Diagnose faults on motorcycles, snowmobiles, outboard motors, ATVs, small tractors, snowblowers, lawnmowers, etc.
  • Repair two-stroke and four-stroke engines, fuel systems, carburetors, brakes, clutches and any other defective system.
  • Service various systems on vehicles.
  • Store equipment at the end of seasons and put back into service at the beginning of seasons.

Is it right for you?

  • You enjoy general mechanics.
  • You are good with your hands.
  • You are analytical and enjoy problem solving.
  • You are hardworking and methodical.


Mécanique de véhicules de loisir et d'équipement léger Program available in French only

Job Placement Rate
90% Job Placement Rate
5% % who pursue further education
Duration of training 1800h
16 to 21 months
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