Saw Filer Alternative titles: Saw Fitter, Saw and Knife Sharpener, Cutting Tools Filer

$22.12/h Average Salary
Job Prospects N/A

What are the main duties?

  • Find and measure abnormalities on saws and cutters.
  • Sharpen, maintain and service circular saws, band saws, rail-guided saws, etc.
  • Sharpen cutters and special tools.
  • Adjust and align sawing machinery in factories.
  • Install saws in business establishments.

Is it right for you?

  • You are precise and not easily distracted.
  • You have good manual dexterity.
  • You are meticulous, organized and cautious.
  • Your eyesight is excellent.

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Affûtage Program available in French only

Where is this program being offered?
regions quebec Saguenay - Lac-Saint-JeanCapitale-Nationale and Laurentides
Job Placement Rate
Duration of training 900h
6 to 7 months
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