Thanatologist Alternative titles: Embalmer, Funeral Director, Assistant Funeral Director, Thanatopractor, Mortician

$21.75/h Average Salary
Job Prospects

What are the main duties?

  • Welcome grieving families and provide advice for funeral arrangements.
  • Transport the deceased.
  • Manipulate internal organs and tissue of deceased.
  • Restore and prepare deceased for exposal and burial.
  • Coordinate and take part in funeral service.
  • Perform administrative management tasks for funeral home business.

Is it right for you?

  • You are empathetic, discreet and a good listener.
  • You have a good artistic eye and good dexterity.
  • You are sociable and mentally fit.
  • You have a calm disposition.

Have you thought about...


Techniques de thanatologie Program available in French only

Where is this program being offered?
regions quebec Capitale-Nationale and Montréal
Job Placement Rate
Duration of training 2670h
33 months
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