Boilermaker Alternative titles: Construction Boilermaker, Erection and Repair Boilermaker, Boiler Installer

$42.46/h Average Salary
Job Prospects

What are the main duties?

  • Construct, assemble, adjust, maintain and repair boilers, steam boilers, vessels and treatment systems.
  • Cut and assemble materials made of steel and composites.
  • Weld metal plates.
  • Operate lifting equipment (such as winches and hoists) and access equipment (such as forklifts and platforms).

Is it right for you?

  • You like the industrial sector.
  • You enjoy working outdoors.
  • You like completing tasks in different working postures.
  • You have good manual skills and are in good physical condition.

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Chaudronnerie Program available in French only

Where is this program being offered?
regions quebec Montréal
Job Placement Rate
100% Job Placement Rate
Duration of training 1290h
11 months
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