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Erector Mechanic (glazier), Assembler (glazier), Window Installer

Wall Installer, Gypsum Applicator, Suspended Ceiling Installer

Bench Jeweller, Jewellery Repairer

Horticultural Production Worker

Imagery Technician, Camera Operator

Seam Caulker, Finish Plasterer, Exterior Plasterer, Stucco Plasterer

Plumbing Installer, Plumbing and Heating Mechanic, Pipefitter, Heater Installer

Forestry Forwarder Operator, Grapple Skidder Operator, Cable Skidder Operator

Fire Protection Mechanic

Furnace Mechanic, Turbine Mechanic, Power Engineer, Stationary Engineer (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class)