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Furniture Stripper, Furniture Polisher, Furniture Varnisher, Furniture Finisher and Repairer

Live-in Caregiver, Visiting Homemaker, Home Care Attendant, Family Worker, Home Health Care Worker

Horse Stable Foreman/Forewoman, Horse Trainer

Floor Housekeeper, Accommodations Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, Housekeeping Director

Building Maintenance Technician, Mechanical Estimator, Heating Technician

Visual Arts Artist, Artistic Illustrator, Caricaturist

Industrial Design Technician, Design Draftsperson, Product Designer

Industrial Electronics Technician, Instrumentation Technician

Method Technician, Quality and Methods Manager, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technician, Production and Processing Support, Manufacturing Production Technician

Insulation Installer, Pipe Insulator