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Service Technician, Office Equipment Technician

Snowmobile Mechanic, Small Engine Repairer, All-terrain Vehicle Repairer, Outboard Mechanic

Chocolate Maker, Candy Maker

Bioprocessing Technician, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician, Coating Specialist

Composite Material Laminator, Plastic and Composite Worker, Plastics Assembler, Sprayer Operator (composite), Cutter (composite), Finisher (composite)

Moulding Machine Operator, Plastic Moulder, Rubber Processing Machine Operator, Fitter-Assembler

Police Constable, Crime Prevention Constable, Peace Officer

Metalworking Machine Operator, Forging Machine Operator, Punch Press Operator, Press Brake Operator

Papermaker, Cook - pulp and paper, Washerman/Washerwoman, Washer Operator, Pulp Dryer Operator

Refrigeration Mechanic, Refrigeration System Installer, Air Conditioning Systems Repairer