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Diamond Drill Operator, Core Drill Operator

Blaster-Driller (construction sites), Driller-Blaster (quarrying), Driller, Blaster, Well Digger

Electric Household Appliance Repairer, After-sales Service Technician, Electric Household Appliance Technician

Cable and Circuit Assembler, Electrical Appliance Production Assembler, Electrical Equipment Assembler

Elevator Installer, Elevator Mechanic-Adjuster

Applied Ecology Technician, Inventory and Research Technician in Biology, Conservation and Fishery Officer, Wildlife Technician, Applied Research Technician - Natural Environments

Cosmetician, Makeup Artist, Manicurist

Display Designer, Stylist

Cattle Farmer, Hog Farming Worker, Livestock Farmer, Milk Production Worker, General Farm Worker

Collection Designer, Fashion Stylist