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Mapping Technician, Geodetic Technician, Georeferencing Specialist, Geographic Information Systems Technician

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Graphic Art Technician

Hairdresser, Hair Dyer, Barber, Assistant Hairdresser

Audioprosthetist, Audiology Technician, Hearing Aid Specialist

Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic, Truck Mechanic, Bus Mechanic, Diesel Engine Mechanic

Specialist Welder, Pipeline Welder, Machine Operator - Welding and Brazing

Hotel Front Desk Clerk, Reservationist, Guest Services Agent, Reservation Clerk

Preventive Maintenance Mechanic Technician, Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Technician, Maintenance Technician

Industrial Machinery Maintenance Mechanic, Machinery Mechanic, Maintenance Mechanic