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Diamond Drill Operator, Core Drill Operator

Daycare Teacher, Educator Assistant, Early Childhood Education Consultant, Infants' Daycare Worker

Electric Motor Mechanic, Apparatus Electrician, Automated Systems Mechanic

Cable and Circuit Assembler, Electrical Appliance Production Assembler, Electrical Equipment Assembler

Audio and Video Recording Technician, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician, Telecommunications and Broadcasting Equipment Technician, Audiovisual Technician

Elevator Installer, Elevator Mechanic-Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster, General Insurance Underwriter, Banking Accounts Officer, Loans Counsellor, Credit Investigation Officer

Firefighter, Safety Practitioner

Furniture Stripper, Furniture Polisher, Furniture Varnisher, Furniture Finisher and Repairer

Audioprosthetist, Audiology Technician, Hearing Aid Specialist