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Business Management Specialist, Sales Team Supervisor, Sales Coordinator

Shingler, Asphalt and Gravel Roofer

Saw Fitter, Saw and Knife Sharpener, Cutting Tools Filer

Secretarial Officer, Corporate Secretary, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant

Security Alarms Technician, Anti-theft Alarm System Repairer

Restaurant Waiter, Food Counter Attendant, Bartender

Grader, Tree Marker, Silviculture Worker, Logging and Forestry Labourer, Forest Survey Technician

Forestry Forwarder Operator, Grapple Skidder Operator, Cable Skidder Operator

Wine Advisor, Wine Waiter, Cellarman/Cellarwoman

Recreation Technician, Sports/Recreation and Physical Training Program Leader, Recreation Instructor