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Pattern Designer, Textile and Leather Goods Maker, Pattern Marker

General Foreman/Forewoman - Mining, Prospector, Supervisors in Mineral and Metal Processing, Mining Engineering Technician

Exploration Technician, Mining Engineering Technician, Geophysical Technician, Mineral Resources Technician, Geotechnical Technician

Mapping Technician, Geodetic Technician, Georeferencing Specialist, Geographic Information Systems Technician

Erector Mechanic (glazier), Assembler (glazier), Window Installer

Hairdresser, Hair Dyer, Barber, Assistant Hairdresser

Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic, Truck Mechanic, Bus Mechanic, Diesel Engine Mechanic

Specialist Welder, Pipeline Welder, Machine Operator - Welding and Brazing

Live-in Caregiver, Visiting Homemaker, Home Care Attendant, Family Worker, Home Health Care Worker

Floor Housekeeper, Accommodations Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, Housekeeping Director