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Process Technician, Chief Operator, Operations Technician, Control Room Operator, Lead Operator

Database Administrator, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Network Management Technician

Dental Hygiene Technician, Orthodontic Hygienist

Dental Technologist, Denturologist

Technical Illustrator, Mechanical Design Draftsperson, Electrical Draftsperson, Hydraulic Machinery Draftsperson

Nutrition Technician

Blaster-Driller (construction sites), Driller-Blaster (quarrying), Driller, Blaster, Well Digger

Audio and Video Recording Technician, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician, Telecommunications and Broadcasting Equipment Technician, Audiovisual Technician

Elevator Installer, Elevator Mechanic-Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster, General Insurance Underwriter, Banking Accounts Officer, Loans Counsellor, Credit Investigation Officer